Saturday, 16 July 2011

"Call Girl" Shoes Lover

I think I am a tart, in a shoe lust fashion way.

Currently, I keep finding myself reading articles and fashion blogs about, incredibly expensive beautiful ballerina flats, classy kitten heels and wearable Louboutins...
Yet I find myself asking ....

"Who the fuck wants wearable, practical Louboutins?"

Surely, the beauty and the desirability of these shoes, is the pure fact that they are decedent, sexy and totally non practical.

The Fabulous Christian Louboutin 
at Selfridges 

Yes I know, here I am the "Pound per wear " spokes queen.  I love to think that I shop wisely, spending more on investment pieces like a good jacket, a little black dress, or on my every day essentials. Which in my case consist of great jeans and my own signature style, cowboy or biker boots.

I do think that, on the most part I achieve this.  I have already started shopping for this winter, in the sales.  My purchases being, mainly cashmere sweaters.  I adore cashmere, there is nothing as soft and durable and I love the thinner varieties that are
available in summer, I can layer them up in winter and still use them in the warmer weather.  Plus, being of good quality they last year after year.

When it comes to shoes though.......
I am weak.

Jimmy Choo sale... 6 inches of pure sex appeal
Practicality vale zero

As soon as I enter, the London Selfridges store, I always enjoy a meander, first through cosmetics and the handbag department, glancing with polite interest, as although I do love everything there, non of it is what lights my fire.  After a quick circuit complete, it is onto the escalator going up for me.  Up and up to the promised land of
"The Shoe Galleries"...
As soon as I alight, my step quickens to keep tempo with my increasing pulse, my mouth is dry and I find it difficult to keep my eyes from darting in every direction.

However, the items that catch my eye, are always non practical, usually soft suede or some precious leather, with towering heels and high platforms... and not ever, no matter how fashionable or functional, a lower kitten heel.
Seriously if I you going to spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes...
Tell me which would you prefer?

£375 at Net a Porter

We will start with the favourite style of our future queen, although once removed, The Duchess Of Cambridge, who has also apparently become our most current style icon.  She has been seen to have a preference for wearing the nude court shoe, as has her mother and sister.  All these examples are by Christian Louboutin, although I think the pair worn by Kate Middleton were actually from LKBennett.

£495 at Net a Porter 

  £475 at Net a Porter

Personally, I would have to buy the second pair.  Probably because I adore suede also they are just wonderfully sexy, yet I imagine still extremely wearable due to the platform to heel ratio.  Plus there is an almost identical pair to the first ones available on ASOS for about £30.

Then there are the Leopards..
I adore leopard skin shoes and bags. I just adore exotic skins, I own a leopard coat and a jacket, both, by the way are faux.
I think the best way to wear it though, and not look like a Bet Lynch 'wanna be', is one item only at a time.  Leopard looks fabulous with all the neutral shades and of course it is wonderful at breaking up an all black outfit, but I adore it most when worn with red.

 £545 at Net a Porter 

 £565 at Net a Porter

So, which ones would you choose here, the Louboutins which are the first pair, or the much sexier version by Alexander McQueen? 
For me, there is just no contest and I do own a very similar pair, that again I have had for years.  They were bought from Moda en Pelle.  Please do not tell McQueen, but I do actually prefer them, as the red of the leather piping and heel is a much brighter colour...

Then finally there is the classic black ballet pump...

        £285 at Net a Porter

Now this amazes me, the fact that anybody would pay this much for a pair of flat ballet shoes.  I do own a pair that I have had for years, I like them as I can roll them up and put them in my glove compartment or handbag, they are just classic black elasticated, almost identical to this Lanvin pair.  I have been asked by certain friends if they are Chanel... giggle.. which is hilarious, they are from Next.  I think I paid about £20 for them, I bought them purely for driving home in, I do like little ballet shoes on other girls, I find them very chic, but the thought of spending £285 on a pair is abhorrent.

Jimmy Choo Selfridges

I believe the point I am trying to make, is if you are going to spend that kind of money on shoes, surely they should make you feel like a goddess and not a middle aged nana ......
I do hope I am not offending anyone, this is only my personal point of view xx


  1. Good morning...I so agree if one is going to spend the $$$ the shoe better be sexy, a head turner, and high heeled!!! Gosh how I miss wearing the non-practicle heel, I always felt like I do anything in them - the saying "change your shoes, change your life" is so true!!! These days I'm forced to wear the more practicle ... though at times I still slip on a pair of heels ... just loking at them in my shoe closet is breath taking and a feeling only a fellow shoe Connoisseur can understand. Shoes are the bling for feet!! Happy Saturday xo HHL

  2. I also have to wear practical footwear where I live....usually wellies
    I am glad that you got my point ..its more that if I am going to spend that kind of money it will be on purely sexy goddess shoes that I only have to sit in, take a taxi..or have sex in them..
    Anything else can be bought a lot cheaper xx
    Lovely to be in regular contact again xx

  3. No offence taken - though I do prefer a sensible shoe!

  4. I don't own any fabulously expensive shoes but if I did I'd want everybody to notice the buggers, skyscraper heels, obscenely high platform soles, ludicrous colourway and impractical fabric are all my kind of heaven. x

  5. Love love love those shoes. Preferably suede, definitely a platform, heel or wedge but MUST BE high! xx

  6. I had to laugh at your description as you get closer to the shoe section of the store....only because I know it, oh so, well!

  7. Hi Ruth - Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. It's good to see you back...I love your fashion style! ~Sherry~

  8. Ruth, if I could wear strappy sandals with sky high heels and not have cuts and blisters all over my feet...believe me I would. I love the way that heels make my legs look, not to mention the extra height.
    But I'm sticking with kitten heels and ballet flats.

  9. I've never been drawn to pair of sensible shoes in my life. I don't like kitten heels - well not on myself. I like the suede Louboutin's and the McQueen's but as you say you have a similar pair already.

    At last I get a chance to catch up with you! Love you xx

  10. Ooh I love this post and I love shoes, I have so many opinions I ought to do my own post on it. Essentially though I agree with you, heels are far more flattering/sexy but sometimes it is hard to enjoy the moment when your feet are killing you. I think that expensive shoes are usually relatively comfortable though, but my ballet flats are Zara x

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