Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Glimpse Of My Week...Through Instagram

Watching Harry Potter..In the Royal Cinema 
Will and Kate were there this week, watching" Bridesmaids"

Denbigh Castle

My babies eye

My baby .. again, as always at my feet

My other baby... earning some pocket money

The view from my seat

The Visitor to my boudoir
..and its not Eric( True Blood) 

Birthday Lilies

Vodka time 


  1. Great captures of your week! How was Harry Potter? Still trying to convince my son to go with me (he thinks he's "too old" for all that "nonsense!")

  2. Gigi I loved it .. it was the best Harry Potter yet xx

  3. Are those drop dead sexy boots yours? Oh my good God, I'm so envious. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. oh my that creature was in your house!!! Loving the groovy boots....x

  5. Hi my dear-lovely photos, your dog is just so cute looking! I am looking forward to seeing the new Harry potter too. I love your new look blog and your profile photo, very stylish and original and I hope you're doing good too. Have a great weekend xxx

  6. Your babies are both very cute.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love you LOADS.

  7. Brilliant! love those photos especially your dog x

  8. Have I missed your birthday?? What is that in your house?!! I want those boots and how gorgeous is Sam? I'm going to call you now xx

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