Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello...Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me...

As I sit here in the dark waiting for dawn, listening to the the motor of the refrigerator,  I ask my self this question. 
Do we choose to write, or does the desire to write choose us?
I guess for each of us the answer is different.  Writing for me, is a narrative running through my daily life, accompanying my desires and the mundane. A life long friend, as for its importance to others, I seriously doubt that it has any.
I am just as dust, a tiny insignificant spec, floating in a world filled with beautiful words.  I am not a person of imense talent of fame. 
I have no great story to tell, nor do I have a life filled with famous people, or a job that takes me to wonderful places.  I have no particular hobbies, apart from making things look pretty.  I have always been an artist of sorts, whether it be makeup, hair, photography or even interiors.

When I would be shopping for an interior, either my home or the business, I would often return to my trolley (which I would always left abandoned, whilst I went to grab something else) and find people rummaging through it.  When challenging these people, explaining that the items were my intended purchases, they would reply that they thought it was a display.  I guess I should be flattered, I do seem to have a good eye for what looks good together loving to mix old with new.

I think its the same artistic bone that encourages me to write. 
Blogging, I adored........
Although I found it was sometimes greeted with derision, as the non qualified space for the "wanna be" journalist, be it fashion, music or gossip..  Notorious for its sexy blogs, the tales of the secret call girls. 
Admittedly blogging is not going to make you any money, but in my case, it did make me a lot of great friends.  Fun people with similar interests from all different corners of the world.  There are the style bloggers, who post photos of their own style, or homes, I adore these blogs especially as I am passionate about clothes and style.  I love to see how other people put it altogether.  

There are also blogs from people with a story to tell, life experiences that they wish to share, some are about happiness and children, others about unfathomable abuse suffered at the hand of another human being.  I always preferred that later, being a previously silent victim.  I found it incredibly comforting to read that there were others.... with a much worse story to tell.
Incredibly, the uninformed see this hobby as a time waster, I believe it to be because they have yet to find a blog they enjoy.  Most of us read books and magazines, of course not all blogs are grammatically correct, nor are they ground breaking, but they interest me, as they are the inner thoughts, the style and the journey of the writer.  Which I personally find far more interesting than a themed article that a talented writer has been paid to endorse.

This is my fiends new album.. which I am not being paid to endorse.. I just love him and his music
I have been bobbing around in the blog wasteland for ages, far too long, the Ether is infinite.  Those of you who regularly enjoyed my blog, will already know my story, as to why I stopped writing, but incase you would like an insight it is documented here Entry one.  

Sadly I deleted all my old posts, so there is no history here anymore, but maybe a fresh start will be a good one..
The Ruby Tuesday blog was refreshing for a while, the chance to be able to continue to write, albeit under a different name. 
I believe I will feel more at home here.....

So I am returning to my original space.. 
Where I can indulge in my wish-lists, my stories of every day life here in the wilds of Wales.
My dogs and chickens family request that they be excused, well they are too cool now that they are in their teens
Wednesdays there will be the odd gorgeous male that has caught my eye..
I hope to continue to document the process of aging an how it makes a “Woman of a certain age feel” ... 
Hopefully proving that the" Punk Rock Chic" .. does not have to wear polyester unless it is black and ripped.. but warning it can make you sweat...
I miss sharing my fashion

I do not know how often I will post, as the real world is so busy for me at the moment and there are those who demand my every attention and rightly so.  I do know though that it will be as often as I am able to.  
Again past readers and friends will know that we started the major building project two summers ago, well this is still on going, although I am thrilled to say looking great. 

I will be posting photos.....yes more, incase you just like to skim read


  1. Great post, looking forwardn to more

  2. Hey welcome back, very weird because I have had a bit of a break from posting myself and when I came back yesterday and had a look, all my followers have gone, then I browsed and saw you had not posted for ages and was worried - brilliant that you are back, you Christina and Ali are my reading of choice if I only have limited time - otherwise I could lose days catching up!

  3. Welcome back my lovely blog friend and good for you for making a return voyage to where you clearly belong! Here's to many more happy blogging hours! xxx

  4. Yay! You are back! You've been missed and I can't wait to see what you have to say.

  5. Yay my cousins back!!! Does happy dance!

  6. Importance to others? Of course you are important. That's why I (and many others) take time to log on and read what you write.
    Welcome back my lovely (and important) friend

  7. Welcome back! There must be some creative particles circling around the Ether at the moment because I blogged about writing as a compulsion over on my blog only last Friday.

    I look forward to future posts.

    Lots of love,

    Helena x

  8. I'm delighterd you're coming back! You have fabulous taste and style, are extremely beautiful with a wicked sense of humour. Ruth, you rock! x

  9. I'm just glad you're back, Ruth. I've missed you loads!


  10. so glad to see you back here, doing what you do best, in the space where we found you in the first place! Keep it up and don't bother about anyone else!

    Blogging won't make us any money, but it makes us friends!

    Ali x

  11. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments.. its lovely to be back ..again.. I have more come backs than.. well fuck who cares.. I hope this time I can stick at it .. I am also hoping top be able to keep up with all of you ... sometimes its the daily posting I cannot always do or keep up with but as long as we all just dip in and out when we can .. That is lovely ...Thanks again for the welcome back xx

  12. Hi my dear!! So great to see you back in the blogosphere!! I think we are all guilty of not blogging daily, well me anyway, but it really doesn't matter!! Of course it would be great to meet too, Wendy comes over every year in July generally, but I'm sure there will be another get together before then! Take care and welcome back xxx

  13. Welcome back,always enjoy reading what you have to say!

  14. Nice opening paragraph. Similar to the idea that "the air breathes me"

  15. How brilliant to have you back at long last! Gorgeous pictures. I love your style. Love you Ruth xx

  16. You know I love you, Ruth. Love your photos always.


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