Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More Events From The Wildlife Camera

Guinea Fowl
"Mother you have over done the rouge"

As you enjoyed yesterday's post so much .. I thought I would share this little incident with you...
You see the fucking camera see's everything..
I thought it had been moved .. yes an inch to the right.. 
Anyhow, we were expecting the arrival of some new Guinea Fowl, that the Director had gone to fetch, and which I think look like old ladies with too much make up on.  I was helping my son prepare the pen and fill the water, and disaster struck, I remember thinking, thank god that the camera has been moved, as I behaved like a big baby.  I will now let the photos show you what happened next....

My 13 year old carrying heavy water.. I go to help
( after I put my phone away)

The actual incident happened out of view..
but I am now screaming...loudly
My finger had been trapped in the water holder

"What the fuck mum..?"

Big hug...ahhhh

Still crying...
I am wearing Rick Owens jeans with old favourite T-shirt
Scarf Abercrombie, boots R-Soles .. again.. 

...and still moaning... woos

An hour and a half later..... 

Large Vodka and sanity returned surveying new birds..

The new flock.. along with deadly water contraption

The Director.. who knew all is being filmed..

Guilty ...

I wonder what will we will catch next.. I hope its some real wildlife.


  1. Obviously, the Director prefers capturing you on film rather than wildlife. Hope the finger feels better now.

  2. Ouch... hope your finger is doing much better today ... It was interesting to see rhe doggies and chickens continue on with their play and pecking about while screams and chaos went on around them. Candid moments priceless! xo HHL

  3. Ooh, poor you...just found your blog via A Femme d'un Certain Age...
    it's great...really enjoyed reading your post :)
    If you have time please drop by'll be lovely to hear from you.

  4. Ouch! I hope you're feeling better. The photos are wonderful.

  5. You always look great. I didn't know what guinea fowl looked like, how bad is that! I've eaten them and they're lovely xx

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