Monday, 25 July 2011

Smile..The Awkward Moment When You Are Caught On Camera

Totally oblivious to the camouflaged lens

My husband has a new toy, its a wildlife camera.  He is interested in viewing, which forms of vermin visit us at night, whilst we sleep and during the day, when we are not watching.  

I took about as much interest in it, as I would an invite to any soap opera.. zero.
That was until we took the microchip out of the camera, I had no idea where he had placed this camera.  It was one of those conversations, when one speaks and the other pretends to listen.. 
We have a lot of those when it comes to guns, and vermin... 
It appears that the only vermin he has managed to capture is the Wildernesschic ..

It did make me laugh though and as I am a huge fan of fashion blogs, especially the ones, where people share their own style and how they have put outfits together, I thought here was an opportunity, far to good to miss.  A chance to share with you a few genuine days of my life and my wardrobe, warts an all .. so to speak 

Feeding my little French Hens

Shirt cream silk dinner shirt DKNY 
Scarf Allsaints
Jeans Seven for all mankind
Boots R-Soles 

Strange random wildman... 
putting hens to bed

Wildnernesschic ..
Straight out of bed.. texting by the look of it...
 waterproof ski jacket, track pants & wellies 

Yup defo texting 
........note legs in concentration position

Belt silver and turquoise Mexican Concho... 
Boots R-Soles 

Jeans wax coated JBrand Agness in Mocha
T shirt Allsaints skull print.. 

Wildnernesschic carrying the damn dog ..
as going out for dinner and she would not come in

Jeans as earlier...T shirt Allsaints.. 
Scarf Jimmy Choo tiger print

Caught putting hens to bed... 
same clothes

No, its not Katie Price .. 
Its me in me Juicy's and Wellies
Chanel sunglasses .. always glamour 
even before breakfast

Wildernesschic's builders arse...
Notice the black lab in the background
watching on, whilst she has a poop

Wildernesschic feeding hens .. again.. 
Hat Models own..giggle.. mens 

JBrand black skinnies.. 
Red and black distressed Tshirt America Retro
Boots Vintage R-Soles

Yup you dumb shumuck you are on Candid Camera.. 
Next time, strike a pose babe!


  1. You look absolutely fantastic in every single shot. A naturally glamorous woman. God forbid I had to show you what I wear on a daily basis - but you have INSPIRED me. Maybe we should ALL dress as if we expect someone to be watching us!

    Ali x

  2. That is too funny and you do look great! I NEVER look that good just hanging about the house doing every day stuff. Alison is right, maybe I should dress as if I were being captured on Candid Camera.

  3. You are such a born model! I've never seen such a stylish or well-dressed women tending her animals before. I'd much rather watch you than vermin, that's for sure. xxx

  4. My poor girls don't get that kind of glamour on a daily basis, so any time you need a break from feeding your chicks, mine would appreciate a visit (sigh)

  5. You look gorgeous! That's so funny that the camera's only caught you.

    Earlier I ran down the garden to take a picture of a huge magnolia flower. I was wearing a nightie and Fitflops. At least you get dressed and you look fabulous. Love you xx

  6. I love you too. Echoing Christina X10. You are gorgeous no matter where you are, what you wear, time of day/night...quit complaining!!!!

  7. Giggle. thanks guys .. sooo funny my poor husband was very disappointed .. but it shows you just who looks after "them birds" .. we are getting some Guinea Fowl tonight so no doubt will get caught a lot with them too :) xx
    Ali and Gigi.. you should always dress to make yourself feel good.. xx

  8. Haha what a funny post! You do look tres glam in all the pics tho hun! xx

  9. You do look great in every shot. Never underestimate the impact of long legs and long hair. Do you read Liberty London Girl? I see some similarities...

  10. Loved this post!It provided some fabulous inspriation or country living wear!! You looked great! I still haven't been able to get a handle on it. Hubby has a camera like that ... he has it set-up in the forest on our property to capture what wildlife is around.... during deer season he uses to get the timing the deer are visiting... Thankfully it's nowhere near the house. xoHHL

  11. Truly a Wilderness Chic woman - very impressed at your casual attire day in day out - note to self to make more effort

  12. Jesus Christ, Ruth. You dress better to do the garden and livestock routine then I do to go out on a date. Laugh.