Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sympathy For The Pathetic....

I dont feel well...
I hate feeling ill too, I haven't got time for it.... 

Sad Face

I have not felt well for days, it started with a stiff neck and sore eyes and then just feeling really sick.. and today, I feel like I am getting the flu, although I am sure I am just being dramatic.
The thought of coffee makes me sick, and I don't even feel like a vodka.. things must be serious...

.... not even the prospect of my new winter boots could cheer me up... Although I am sure they will, once I start to feel like my self again.

My best friend 

I am soldiering on though, like a good mum.   I have been on taxi duty today and have completed lots of baking.  We are off to a family BBQ, I am so looking forward to it too, as this is a family that we have not spent time with for ages, yet we used to be very close, even holiday together.  It is one of those rare relationships, were the men get along too and the kids are of similar ages. 

Good friends are important, I will be there, whatever and besides there is no party without a cake....

Mrs "J"'s famous chocolate cake
Recipe family secret ...sorry 

Oops and the outtakes .... 


  1. That cake looks scrunptious!! ...feel better my friend... good frinds, good, food and lots of laughter are wonderful cures for all things... enjoy xo HHL

  2. Thanks girls.. I am sure I will as I am not laid up with fever .. which is flu.. I am just ..nuyeaaa you know.. yuck.. I am sure it will be just what I need xx

  3. I know the feeling, sweets. Hope the companionship and the cake help you to feel better! xx

  4. I love those boots! Sorry to hear you don't feel well! Get better soon chic!


  5. hope you are feeling better soon x

  6. Sara a lot better today thank you .. I think it is also the time of year.. lack of energy etc etc .. xx

  7. I hope you are feeling better. I can smell that cake from here.xx

  8. Hope that cake worked it's magic. Feel lots better soon. x

  9. I hope you're feeling better. The cake looks WONDERFUL.



  10. I hope you had a great time. Gorgeous boots. Your cake looks fabulous. Is that dog's head in the cake bowl at the end? xx