Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Week In Pictures Through Instagram..August Bank Holiday

Youngest son caught his first Salmon
 on the river Clwyd

We went to watch United V Spurs 

I was sat very close to Ryan Giggs

....and Berbatov.. my heroes

One of my hens has started to lay "double yolkers"

Ruthin Town's first match of the season.  
A friendly against a visiting Canadian team,
 from Edmonton, Alberta

Back to school shopping..
This was exhausting

After shopping.......big chill time needed
in the form of an aromatherapy session

Geese at a neighbours farm, on such a beautiful day

Ten year old shoes, still cool... 
I had a huge clear out, ready for winter

Dinner with Miss Mayfair and Boyfriend... 
Yummy, so lovely to be cooked for

Roses, a gift from a lovely friend

We entertained the Jones family..
The Girls

The boys...

The bigger boys....

More chill time.... 
Next day, mega hangover

Surrounded and cuddled by.....

My babies xx

Me ...dazed by all the activity
I hope to get back to writing and reading more soon...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday... Alain Delon

Sorry I have not been posting or commenting, quite as often as I would like...The last weeks of the holidays somehow are always the most hectic, but today I will leave you with some delightful eye candy.

He even makes smoking look sexy......

Definitely a case of Je ne sais quoi

Scarily, he has a look of Charlie Sheen here...

Love is..... my old favourite Alain Delon

Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Week Through Instagram .. A Week In Fashion And Friends

A couple of hours of "me time" I enjoyed
a very sparkly, lush manicure and pedicure 
From my lovely friend Sam

 New specs, Soho Frames in light tortoise from

I am so impressed with the company, I ordered another pair, as my reading prescription is slightly too strong for cutting hair and computer work.  They were so helpful, glasses ordered with prescription and delivered within two days, both times.  Like Specsavers, they also have a "buy a pair get a pair free offer" and are a very similar price.  So I am delighted, I have four pairs, in three different styles... 
My husband thinks I looks a geek... ...I think they must be cool then.

Uber Trendy Jules 

My uber trendy friend liked them so much, she kept pinching them..
and she doesn't need them, so they are definitely cool
Jules is wearing Camden frames in dark tortoise.

Soho frames again, now in dark tortoise

 I also bought Carnaby frames in red

The Six inch Heel Jimmy Choo's

Friday, we went to my cousins wedding, it was wonderful.  So many family members that I have not seen for years.  So many wonderful cousins I knew only in "Cyberland" 
I do hope we were not too much for them, I know that the hotel ran out of vodka!...I was so ill too.
The previous two days I had been suffering with migraine and had not eaten solid food .. Plus I was far too exited on the evening to eat.
All I will say is the shoes were off and the lap dancer was out of the box.....

The before photo...

I am wearing a silver silk tunic from Donna Karan SS11 with 
silver, crazy patterned, silk leggings from Aminaka Wilmot and the six inch Jimmy Choo's.  My man is looking very smart in a Italian collection grey, slimcut suit from M&S....
So nice to have Hubble Gardiner back, I was most concerned, that he was slowly turning into Onzlo.. giggle 

Fall Is Coming

I am getting in the mood for Autumn.  The September issue's are out and the Ivy turning red.  This mood always happens in August, but I enjoy it as this is my favourite time of year.

The lucky purchase of my 1960's bag

Lunch date

I met my friend who was home from Dubai for lunch in Chester
I am wearing my favourite Alexander McQueen SS09 dress
I love this dress,  if I ever need a boost.. this does the trick


Where I met at my friend on our first day of work at Browns of Chester. I was working for Clarins and she was with Charles of the Ritz....Over twenty years ago now .. Scary

Early evening drinks with my friends..

In contrast to the wedding, I did not drink but drove.  Driving home felt great, I could remember all the conversations and this morning I have no cringe worthy moments... I feel this is the way forward. Honestly, I am exactly the same person, sober or drunk.. I just dance more after a drink.
I am wearing a silk sleeveless cowl neck from Top Shop, Black JBrand Skinnies, with Mexican Concho belt, with a lace bolero.........
Which is such a Sunflower yellow ......that just before I went out a Bee stung me through the fucking sleeve!!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I Adore My Vintage "Gucci" from Smashingbird

Gucci AW11 available in four colours 

Those of you who know me well are well aware that in a perfect world, I would have bought the new cane handle Gucci... I have a large hobo style one that is years old and I adore it, but I love the structure of the newer version.

I have been seen lusting and stroking it in Selfridges, whispering  "One day you will be mine my precious" ... 

I have enjoyed an extremely social week, not that I am complaining, it just means that I have been unable to write, or read many posts.  Sunday I did notice however, that my gorgeous fellow blogger Becca  Smashingbird  had a few new items for sale on her vintage outlet. 

This little beauty caught my attention immediately, apart from the fact it is bright red, which is something I am always drawn to.  It has the coveted cane handle and the styling is almost identical to the new Gucci AW11, so at £8 I had to take a chance...

It arrived yesterday packaged beautifully, in black tissue paper and lace ribbon, that would rival any Net a Porter wrapping and I adore it.  Inside it is even nicer than a Gucci, it has three separate compartments, each with smaller pockets, it is leather lined and in fabulous condition. 

The colour is gorgeous these photos do not do it justice, I have also played around with some tassels, just to give it the option of the Gucci styling.  These I removed from a pair of Russell and Bromley over the knee boots, that I have had for years.  Now I keep adding them to belts and bags when I feel like funking things up a little. 

£8 1960's Vintage Bag from Smashingbird

Its Gucci makeover

I think it looks great both ways, thank you so much Becca xx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Week Through Instagram

"Symmetry in Motion"
Nature at its most beautiful 

A memorable family day including the dogs, 
spent upon this beautiful riverbank

My husbands new toy.. a BBQ 
We roasted lamb for the Nana's....It was a great success 

My wonderful friend Jules Peters and her lovely family visited.
Mike Peters is the lead singer of "the Alarm" also "Big Country"
We had a mass hair cutting session, before their imminent trip to the USA ...

I baked chocolate cake.. 
I find all kids love chocolate cake...

The four boys played football, Xbox 
and watched "Lord of the Rings"

I promise I am not totally promoting "The Alarm".. 
but, the new ladies fit T shirts are great!!
Available from www.thealarm.com

We had our own protest session .. 
"Protesting against the lawless protesters" 

We decided this would be our solution.. 
Let him loose on them

I went for a walk...
these buggers chased me ... and sacred the life out of me

This tiny pup protected me..
but needed a bath afterwards

Another family visited us for the day, 
we cracked open a bottle or three.....

.........they had little girls,  
something very rare and completely new for us.
We all decided they are very cute 

I am now chilling and enjoying some of the nicest Lilies...
 The house smells divine