Thursday, 4 August 2011

Burberry I Have to Say.. You Must Be Taking the Piss

AW11/12 Burberry Prorsum

I have been devouring the September issues, like any fashion lover.  Personally I love the AW collections, I always have and in the past few years the one I  have been admiring most, seems to be Burberry Prorsum.  I adore the fall colours and the military cuts, this year I am in awe of the handbags.

When I saw this little beauty above, my pulse quickened, in my humble opinion, it is stunning, the perfect bag.   So I quickly opened the Burberry website to get a price, knowing it would be pricey, yet never imagining just quite how expensive.....

£18, 000.00........

I repeat £18,000.00 ... Shocking.  So much so, I had to check three times.  Who, in this time of deep recession, even depression, that is sweeping across the world, would purchase such an item?
No doubt it will be adorning the arm of some celebrity soon, who will of course, have been gifted it.  I know it is Alligator.. but please.

However below, are some other lovely examples from this collection and at more reasonable, although still designer prices.

Burberry Prorsum £1, 295.00

Burberry Prorsum £1, 295.00

Burberry I still love your stuff .. Just cant afford you xx


  1. Even if I could afford it - I sure wouldn't buy it out of principle. Not with the state of affairs as they are today.

  2. 18,000 pounds...oh can I get one in every color?

    Seriously, I am so tired of these ridiculous prices.

  3. Total insanity to the real world. But someone in luxury marketing has convinced all these design houses they must top each other. So they try to do exactly that. Who can buy these products, only the Arabs or the orientals at this point. No American woman I know, at any economic echelon, would even dream of this. Maybe a Birkin, but then they never change do they? And, they are French. I absolutely hate the color of this handbag (it looks like piss to me), so no matter what the price was I wouldn't want it. I do love Burberry, especially the Prorsum things. One of my girlfriends was the Director of the shop in Houston and she said the accessories literally flew out the door, but all that ended in 2008. Love you.....