Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Maxfactor I Love You....But Your Packaging Can Be Dangerous

Masterpiece Gold

I don't normally like to make a negative post.. but, seriously I have to complain about the over zealous security packaging on Maxfactor products.
I am a huge fan of their mascara, not because it is cheaper than others, even though I have to say it is remarkably reasonable in price.  No the reason I buy it is, simply it is the best for me.

Faslelash Effect

Previously having worked in cosmetics, I have tried most brands, from Chanel to Maybelline and I have decided Max Factor is the one..
I love the Falselash effect version, for a more natural daytime look and the Masterpiece Gold for a more dramatic look.  It never clumps or flakes and so many people always ask me what brand I use.

Lip Tint

Recently I have also become a fan of their lip stain pen, I am not a great lipstick fan, I tend to just use lip balm or gloss.  Sometimes though this can leave me looking a little washed out.  Yet I find with my colouring lipstick, can be too much, especially as I tend to make up my eyes in a smokey fashion.  This however, just gives a little natural colour enhancing, to what you already have.  My only issue with this product is, they need replacing often, maybe they need to be more airtight.

So back to the security packaging...

This morning before opening

The plastic seal on the Falselash Effect mascara is so tight and strong, that it is quite impossible to open with bare hands, you need a knife or sharp scissors and if you slip...
Well you are fucked!
The Lip stain does have perforations, but you need something to help or your tear your nails, so you are back to the sharp implement.

The results...

Deep cut....

Breakfast for Vampires....


  1. Ooh why do they do that? You poor thing it's going to sting for ages.

  2. Ouch!!! I hate security packaging for just that reason!

  3. Ouch! Charge an extra pound & put it in a box please Max Factor!

  4. Oh no! Packaging is a nightmare. I like Max Factor too and always use their powder. I must check out the mascara. Hope you're good. Let's have a catch up soon, love xx

  5. Ouch! ... that can't be good ... it looks like it will be a bother for awhile ... hope it heals fast and not too much stinging. I've been a Lancome mascara fan ... but I may need to give Max a try .. though Mr. G. may be put in charge of the package opening... wishing you a grand day! xo HHL

    P.S. The pants in previous post look great ... hope you bookmarked the site for later shopping..;)

    P.S.S. Yes, I was able to pass some unopened products to a neighbour at our city home who is unable to afford creams and make-up splurges; after the drawer and cabinet clean up.

  6. Ah brutal!! I also hate those plastic packets that you have to cut open as they have no opening, so pointless!!

  7. aaagh....packaging sucks...I always use the good old pink and green max factoe mascara myself!!x

  8. Hi my dear-poor you, not good at all! Love those Isabel Marant pants too, gorgeous..... xxx

  9. what are they thinking? hope you heal quickly...