Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday Lust

at Net a Porter

My husband believes the only time I am truly happy, is when I am shopping.. 
He may have a point, I have just spotted these cute little pants by Isabel Marant, which would be perfect with my... and my....

Shame I have to prove a point and pass on them this time.


  1. Retail therapy though not solely for women, is a boon for us lads by reaping the benefit of having a happy partner and can be seen as a double bonus !

  2. I've just seen a watch on there I want. got more chance copping for Robbie Williams than I hve getting it. Love the pants. Can just sew you in them.

  3. I love cropped narrow pants, and tartan, but they look a bit Bay City Rollers to a girl of the 70's x

  4. Do you think so.. I think they are more punk mode a la Viv Westwood.. either way .. not mine.. yet :) xx

  5. Those pants would go with almost anything! I'm sure they will be yours sooner or later....

  6. On you yes probably VW, on me Bay City Rollers or Rod Stewart!

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