Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Week In Pictures Through Instagram..August Bank Holiday

Youngest son caught his first Salmon
 on the river Clwyd

We went to watch United V Spurs 

I was sat very close to Ryan Giggs

....and Berbatov.. my heroes

One of my hens has started to lay "double yolkers"

Ruthin Town's first match of the season.  
A friendly against a visiting Canadian team,
 from Edmonton, Alberta

Back to school shopping..
This was exhausting

After shopping.......big chill time needed
in the form of an aromatherapy session

Geese at a neighbours farm, on such a beautiful day

Ten year old shoes, still cool... 
I had a huge clear out, ready for winter

Dinner with Miss Mayfair and Boyfriend... 
Yummy, so lovely to be cooked for

Roses, a gift from a lovely friend

We entertained the Jones family..
The Girls

The boys...

The bigger boys....

More chill time.... 
Next day, mega hangover

Surrounded and cuddled by.....

My babies xx

Me ...dazed by all the activity
I hope to get back to writing and reading more soon...


  1. You are so beautiful, especially in that last photo. I love your bathroom and can't believe those sexy sandals are 10 years old.
    Haven't your boys got amazing heads of hair? x

  2. Ahh Vix .. thank you, you are too kind.. and yes.. I have to cut all that hair.. its like a sheep shearing session xx..Sandals were £25 in the Office sale .. 2001 LOL ... xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! How wonderful to entertain and be entertained. I'm so looking forward to the kitchen being installed and being able to properly entertain friends.

    Those good Canadian boys ... "soccer" as it's called over here.. has finally caught on to the favourite European pass time of football. I remember my Grandfather and Uncles watching the games when I was growing up in Portugal ...

    Your shoes are gorgeous!! goes to show a good investment last the test of fashion... Happy Tuesday .. hope your head feels better xo HHL

  4. Your boys have superior hair!

    Ruth, you are so multi-talented. Seriously you can write,take beautiful photographs,manage your family, raise chickens(!), decorate, entertain, etc. you are a renaissance woman. Is there anything you can't do?

  5. Those are very nice looking boys, not surprising given their gorgeous fashionista mama :-).

    I've always wondered how those double yolkers happen. Is it just random?

  6. I am enjoying your pictures series, Ruth. Thank you for sharing them.



  7. Lovely pictures and I am mightily impressed that you don't mention the rain - we practically had a spreadsheet of activities planned and ended up doing nothing other than eating and drinking copiously and snuggling in front of the telly! Thank god I'm off to sunnier climes this week x

  8. Hahha Belle.... I wish.. you only see the good stuff remember.. I am doing my best to stay sane in a mad world at the moment ..
    Thank you all for your kind comments xx

  9. Really gives a sense of the rhythm of your life. And you are so dang attractive.

  10. what excellent fun....love the pictures!!

  11. "Life The Universe and All That's In It" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.


  12. Love these posts, your bathroom looks divine indeed! xx