Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Week Through Instagram

"Symmetry in Motion"
Nature at its most beautiful 

A memorable family day including the dogs, 
spent upon this beautiful riverbank

My husbands new toy.. a BBQ 
We roasted lamb for the Nana's....It was a great success 

My wonderful friend Jules Peters and her lovely family visited.
Mike Peters is the lead singer of "the Alarm" also "Big Country"
We had a mass hair cutting session, before their imminent trip to the USA ...

I baked chocolate cake.. 
I find all kids love chocolate cake...

The four boys played football, Xbox 
and watched "Lord of the Rings"

I promise I am not totally promoting "The Alarm".. 
but, the new ladies fit T shirts are great!!
Available from

We had our own protest session .. 
"Protesting against the lawless protesters" 

We decided this would be our solution.. 
Let him loose on them

I went for a walk...
these buggers chased me ... and sacred the life out of me

This tiny pup protected me..
but needed a bath afterwards

Another family visited us for the day, 
we cracked open a bottle or three.....

.........they had little girls,  
something very rare and completely new for us.
We all decided they are very cute 

I am now chilling and enjoying some of the nicest Lilies...
 The house smells divine


  1. What a lovely week you've had!

  2. What a fabulous week you've had. I adore The Alarm and you look gorgeous, as always. x

  3. Ps That last comment was from me, Vix. Blogger's playing up for me today. x

  4. Love these posts - that choc cake looks sooo yum. xxx

  5. I've got my eye on the Lamb, is my room ready yet? You would be so proud of me, I was legless when I got on the plane and kept bumping into people and things at Gatwick. I sat on plane, fell straight to sleep, woke up 45 mins later with completely clear head and we were still on the fucking runway!

  6. Ruth, I loved this post, your hipstamatic pics.

  7. I can't believe how tall your boys are getting. Wow!

    Love you.