Friday, 9 September 2011

My Week in Pictures through Instagram..Back to School

My Peacocks 

It is so long since I had time to sit down and write, today is without exception.  Therefore I am glad that I started this week in pictures series, as at least it keeps the routine of posting, even if it is only once a week.  I sometimes think there will be nothing to post .. How ridiculous is that thought .. giggle. 
Life is never dull here.

The first photo is of my rather regal peacocks, who we released from their eight week stay in the pen, getting accustomed to their new home, our garden.  We let them out Friday evening, whilst we were cooking on the BBQ ... and they have not been seen since....

Salmon and a Sea Trout 
Caught by the boys Friday afternoon...
 on the BBQ Friday evening 

Annie's Tea Rooms Ruthin

The football season has started and one of my favourite pastimes, apart from standing on the touchline cheering them on is... Breakfast at Annie's. .. It beats Tiffany's any day, freshly cooked free range eggs, local sausages and bacon, with mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and toast, made with homemade bread and a pot of coffee... Mmmmm.  She also bakes the most amazing cakes and wonderful lunches.. 

Ruthin FC U14's
My boy is centre ..the tall blonde one

Murphy The Mascot... 
A tiny sweet natured little dog,
 ten years old, with only one kidney

Three Generations of the Johnston family

Harry my eldest boy turned sixteen this week, on Sunday we used this occasion as an excuse for a mini family gathering.  I say mini as my husband has four sisters.  This time we went out with the twins, their partners, my niece and my mother in law, who is like a silver haired Joan Collins and tres glam.
Great fun, family gatherings always are.

My Old Favourite Dolce and Gabanna Jacket..

Me and my babes.....
First day back at school

The boys returned to school, after ten weeks holiday... yup I am officially a saint.  Armed with a bleach spray, large bin bags and a some pro plus pills... I launched an attack on their bedrooms... Every crevice and corner was cleaned and organised. .. I then started on my husbands clutter... Ten hours later upstairs had become an oasis of calm.....

My Haven

The very next day the Chimney Sweep arrived, a rather arrogant dirty little man, who ripped out my fire and destroyed my Aga.. I hate him..I have been without a cooker all week, we are still waiting for new parts...

This is the mess he left me in, my poor Aga

Woodland and river in the village are stunning

So... I took a deep breath put on my wellies and walked the dogs to the village, also on a mission to find my Peacocks ... 
I found them in the hedge opposite the house.. and fed them.

The old church St James's, Nantglyn..

For my birthday this summer, my husband bought me a gorgeous Roberto Cavalli biker jacket.   It duels as a lethal weapon, you cannot see the detail here but the studs are heavy and pointed, they are fabulous.. but... if you fling the jacket on without care, the collar can flip back and hit you on the temple.. 
Causing great pain and almost knocking you unconscious.. I know as this is what happened to me this morning.. 
See I am holding the chair for balance.

What I wore ....#shouldcarryhealthwarning

Darren reading the menu..
wearing my London Retro Specs..

We went to Ty Gwyn Inn, Betwys Y Coed, a sixteenth Century Inn, lunch was amazing. In there was a group of American tourists, from California.  They loved the place they appeared rather strange though as were all wearing numbers... I thought they had escaped from Port Merion.. "The Prisoner" but apparently that is what the tour guide had done to them  ....."I am not a number"....

My Damson harvest is amazing this year

Finally, this morning the peacocks returned for breakfast so I am hoping that now they have found their way home, they will stay. 

This morning, I am emotionally torn tomorrow my husband is leaving for a stag weekend.. 
This is worrying, as we all know that he is a slight alcoholic and its certainly not safe, even in his own environment and when drunk in strange places he tends to sleep walk.. I wish I had a hidden camera for that...
I have an overwhelming desire to party.. but, I have to remind myself that I am a single parent this weekend.. 
So I intend to enjoy the company of my boys 

Maybe indulge in a couple of these....

......and enjoy lots of cuddles  xx


  1. So many lovely things to comment on, Ruth! Your boys are so tall and handsome and that leopard print jacket is a stunner. I adore your bedroom and am absolutely smitten with your peacocks. I want some. x

  2. Wonderful post ... I would love to have peacocks roaming about our property (when I was little (in Portugal) and the nanny took me to the park to give my grandmother a little break... it had lots of them roaming. I have always said one day I would love to have my own)... so happy that they found their way back. Wishing you a fabulous week-end..xo HHL

    OMYGOSH ~ your boys have grown so tall and look so handsome. Sounds like a great 16th celebration. and your furbabies ~ are looking tres adorable.

    Your RC jacket ...I'm swooning over it! He is one of my fav's ... I love the fit of his jeans and my Mr. surprised me with a animal printed tote this summer. Also a fan of D&G ( that's why our furnbaby is named Dolce and yes, when we get the next Yorkie ... he/she will be named Gabbana). LOL...

  3. Loved it. Going to show hernibs. Now I know what the twins look like.

  4. Both jackets are stunning, your boys are drop-dead handsome, your home and village are gorgeous, and to top it off you've got peacocks with attitude!

    Sorry about the Aga though, that's a bummer. That and worrying about your husband.

  5. Great shots! Love the peacock image!


  6. Your babes are BIG! I'm jealous you have peacocks. I'm fascinated by them! They look so funny when they're perched in trees.

  7. The peacocks are still here.. and yes they are so lovely I am trying to get close enough to video them ..
    The boys are tall and lovely xx Thanks everyone for your comments xx

  8. The chimney sweep should have something very nasty done to him - you do NOT mess about with an Aga. No-one is allowed to touch mine except ME! I am dying for the cooler weather to arrive so I can turn it back on though!

  9. Thanks for sharing your week with us. The peacocks are lovely.

    Hope you had a fun weekend with the boys and that Darren survived stag night intact.

    Love you loads.

  10. I love insta.gram
    Youre such a badass with
    your peacocks and lingerie!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  11. Will you post something, damn it? I miss you. I have to read Shane's comments in order to hear something from you. I can't lose you AND Christina both in the blog world. It's too much.



  12. I love these photos, they are very inspiring! xoxo from