Sunday, 11 September 2011

Remember You Are Sexy

Sexy time... 
Do you ever forget that you are sexy?

Fishnet holdups by Charnos 
Shoes by Gucci

I know I do.. when the children are home for the summer and everyone wants your attention, there is very little time left for you, you can begin to feel taken for granted and invisible.  I remember long ago an older friend telling me, that the worst part about getting older, is that fact you begin to disappear, you feel invisible.  The fear of passing a building site is no longer and issue, as the dreaded wolf whistle does not happen, you become another nondescript face in a sea of blank middle aged people.   

Silk corset and panties Myla 

Being invisible has its advantages, there is no need to make such and effort,  you can just give in to it and let life sweep you through accepting the fact that you are "of a certain age"and no longer sexually pursued.
Personally I think that would kill me.
I am a happily married woman, but I need to think that I am still sexually attractive, I love to be flirted with, I love to flirt, it is my nature. I always make the effort daily it is now second nature for me.  How do I expect my husband to want to make love to me if nobody else would?  

I love to be sexy for him, we have been together for over twenty years, I still love to dress up for him for a date.  I have a pedicure, wear sexy underwear and high heels, as I know this is what he loves
As sexist as it is.... I like being a play thing
Most of the time I am a carer, cleaner. cook, taxi driver, whipping boy and anything else but.
We are all sexual beings hence sexy, you just have to remind yourself of this fact, using whatever tools that help you feel this way. For me it was the purchase of new underwear.  I received my weekly email from The Outnet, a sale of Myla and La Perla, silk, sexy underwear for about the same price as Marks and Spencer. So I bought a couple of things, it didn't break the bank and just trying them on my 'Mojo" returned, or as a dear friend puts it "I felt Cluckier " .. 
I felt like Madonna.

I defy anyone to put on a corset and not feel sexy... 


  1. Fabulous post ... the combination of loosing confidence post accident and the getting older part has deflated that sexiness desire. This was a great reminder that I must get my sexiness back.

    Great photos my friend! Wishing you a wonderful and sexy week-end..xo HHL

  2. Yes I think sexiness comes from within.. and it is dependant on how we feel about ourselves.. so it is something we can change with attitude.. and confidence.

    Its healthy and we should enjoy for as long as we can .. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too xx

  3. What about when you still get the wolf whistle and then you turn round and they see how old you are? thats why I think I should get my hair cut, we all look young from behind!

  4. Omg you loook incredible and such an awesome post. It's good to see a woman embracing her sexuality and not be afraid to show that she still has it. If I had it I certainly would flaunt it!

    I love wearing sexy underwear for dates. I love the thrill that only you and that person you are with know what you are wearing underneath your clothes. You brought back some happy cute memories. Thank you hun. Made me smile. Cute ass btw....good job I'm straight! lol

  5. Fab .. No enjoy the wolf whistle you look great from both in front and behind xx

  6. Lou thankyou you are a treasure and less of the memories and make it so xx

  7. Well, hello there! Great post, darling woman! I always find it suspect when someone says I'm sexy. I've just always felt like more of a "girl next door". Which sucks. A lot. I need to find my inner sexy.

  8. You are incredibly sexy, your husband is one heck of a lucky man and I'm sure he knows it. x

  9. Wow. I feel that way but would never have the guts to post those pictures. Good for you.

  10. lovely post, your hubby must be very proud with such a good looking woman! x

  11. If I had your figure, I'd feel sexy too. But, alas, I am a middle-aged fat ass.

    Love you, R.


  12. You are JUST too funny...but absolutely gorgeous and delightful too. Yes, I love to feel sexy, but I'll admit it's hard when you're all alone as I am. Dammit !!

  13. Hello Miss Sexy from Nantgyn.. lovely blog... Love Miss Clucky of NYC xxx

  14. Hi sexy lady!! Fabulous and stunning photos and a very inspirational post for all of us ladies to remind us how to get our sexy mojo back on track!! Have a great weekend xxx

  15. WOW. You look a zillion dollars: what amazing legs! You've definitely still 'got it', by the lorry load. I think you'll going on having 'it' and in twenty years time you'll still be 'like Scarlett O'Hara at the Twelve Oaks BBQ' as one of my commentor's remarked of her sixty year old mother. AWESOME. xxx

  16. It is so easy to slip into that non-sexy mode, it requires thought and a little titilation.. I totally adore HH and he's still so sexy after 17 years, I just need to remind myself of that sometimes when we are alone and the day has been long - I knew I should have purchased some of that oh so sexy underwear on Outnet! next time.. LOL NWLG xx

  17. Love this post! You are so right ... It's important to feel great ... to feel sexy ... whatever that means to each of us. Never mind for anyone else ... we need to do this for ourselves! I'm almost 47 ... and I look and feel better than I have in almost 15 years ... there's something about the confidence of a middle aged woman who takes care of herself. THAT to me is sexy as hell. Of course great lingerie and high heels ... that works too.... lol

  18. Corsets and fishnets are indeed a must have to any woman who wants to feel sexy, sensuous and feminine.

  19. Ruth, I've been having a little catch up with your blog. LOVE your pics!! You look fantastic as ever. You absolutely still have it! I'm about for a chat whenever. Tons of love

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