Friday, 23 March 2012

Lets Pay Something Forward

Ive been thinking 

Wouldn’t it be a lovely idea to all help just one person today.
I actually don’t think it would be that hard, a kind word, a phone call, can be so uplifting if someone is feeling low, or if you are too busy, a short text.

Just letting someone know that you are thinking about them.. 

It could even be in the form of a tweet, or just hit “like” and “Share” on Facebook or Youtube. 

So many people are trying to make a career and need to lift their profiles, you may have the perfect contact for them hidden amongst your friends and never know it.
Surely, this is one of the great things about social networking, we can not only just stroke our egos, we can actually help one another.  Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand.

I feel very blessed with my life situation at the moment and as a great believer in Karma, I feel a need to give something back, share some good vibrations through the ether.  It also makes you feel happier.  So every day I am going to make sure I do something to help, at least one person. 

Today I am going to share something with you, it’s a book written by my very lovely Psychic friend Helen, some of you who have been reading my blog for a long time will remember a wrote a post about her and her talents almost two years ago.. 
Anyhow this book is truly enlightening, knowing Helen like I do I could feel her voice and presence throughout every page.  I could not put it down, I found it both funny and sad, yet more than anything it amazed me.

Hands of an Angel

I do not want to tell you too much about it.  I want you to read it and you tell me what you thought, or even better leave a review on Amazon for Helen. Lets all pay something forward.

The book is available on, the link is under the photograph, or from Random House publishing at the moment, but is shortly going Global, sarting with Australia and hopefully

Who are you going to help today ?


  1. Completely agree. Can you imagine what might happen if every single person on earth did what you suggest? The goodness would be limitless. xx's

  2. It wouldn't take a lot either :0 xx

  3. I've just helped my son get out of bed for school. Does that count? Seriously though, after breakfast, I am going into town to help someone cross the road, whether they want to cross or not.

    1. Yes it all counts.. I need to check out all the new things on blogger didn't know there was an individual reply button :) xx

  4. I'm going to visit a friend in her new home. Long past time I've seen it.

  5. What a beautiful thought! I just saw a video yesterday of a little girl telling people to "just be kind" and I thought what a simple message that could do so much. I'm not in the best place right now - but it doesn't cost a thing to just be kind. Thanks for reminding me. x

  6. Just a smile .. :) is so easy and free ....
    .....and for me all your comments are like smiles xx

  7. Well, I took your advice and thought why stop at helping just one person, why not try and help the whole town... and so I made a day of it.

    My first intervention was for the police. They were questioning some young arab boys in the metro and so I pushed in ahead and started asking questions too. They thanked me by threatening to arrest me if I didn't beat it, and as i was going I got a baton across the back of my shoulder for my troubles.

    Ok, so the police don't need MY help, maybe the train driver does? So I wait for the metro and when it arrives I walk right along to the end and climb in the drivers compartment. I press a few buttons and when I go to touch this lever that is down near his right leg he starts batting me away and only goes crazy and thumps the emergency alarm. Well, those things are never good a sign and so I legged it on out of there.

    Saturday afternoon. Nice spring day. Bars and cafés spilling out onto the street. Surely they need help, I thought. And so I made my way up and down tables taking peoples orders and telling them of the 50% discount on todays lunches. Well, you just wouldn't believe the look i got when I entered the restaurant and and gave all my little scraps of paper to the owner with things like 'table 24: caesers salad and garlic bread' scrawled across them. More ungrateful bastards. This time Italian.

    Anyway, after being chased away by window cleaners, bricklayers, checkout girls, security guards, some guy with a wart on his nose selling caramelized peanuts, streetartists, beggars and prostitutes I decided just about to give up. I made my way home but not before ordering a kebab and then leaping the counter to try and cut the meat myself. That really was the last straw, Moustaffa chasing me down Rue Garibaldi with a kebab sword and screaming "fucking thieving bastard". I ended up miles out the way, tired and hungry and walking back home in the dark. When I finally got in it was almost 1am in the morning. I checked my phone and there was a text, from my mother, saying: Thanks for remembering my birthday.. a call would have been nice!

    Fuck! being selfish is so much easier, I thought. Just remembering the things that'll give you some kind of payback another day is the kindest we're ever meant to be. I phoned the operator, asked for an international line and when she asked what country I screamed: "Fuck you, you-ugly-piece-of-horse-shit-monkey-fucker!" And that was me done. Exhausted, fed-up, all kindnessed out. I hit the sack and dreamed of Sunday, a day where if people needed help they could go to fucking church.

    The End. X

    1. Just noticed there is a reply button.. I have been away too long .. Still wish there was a like button, as always your comments rock.. Shane I have really missed you .. this made me laugh so much .. Funnily I was on your page yesterday and retweeted your article, haven't as yet had time to catch up properly, but fully intend to

    2. Oh never worry about catching up with my stuff Ruth... we've known each other so long now that that side of things is unimportant. Just that you're OK and still out there is all that's important...

      Speak Soon, Love and Thoughts, Shane. X

  8. hello stranger!! how lovely to see you.......... I helped my son wake up for a job today at the Roundhouse because he'd gone back to sleep after his alarm went sure he will thank me once he's stopped swearing!!

  9. Shane.. I love you .. missed you .. was on your page yesterday and tested the article about your dad xx Will be back to indulge in some great reading.. I have been hibernating too long xx

  10. Lovely's good to see you back!

  11. Hi Cuz ltns! Came here to delete things and catch up. How are you? Nice to see your posts. Totally agree with you. I have always done this or tried to. Smile at someone who looks sad, help an old lady get brocolli down from a shelf (I did that today lol) or give a stranger your last 50p because they were at the till and didnt have any more cash on them and were 50 p short. My Nanna brought me up to do 1 good deed a day....and the kids will tell you. They always say to me when I do something nice *thats your good deed of the day mum*
    awesome post...xox

    1. Hi Lou so lovely to heard from you .. miss you ..I hope that you are coping ok.. you know where I am xxx
      and thanks for the comment xx