Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meet The Wolf

I thought you may like to see some photos of "Logan" our wolf, well really he is Northern Inuit pup.  I have to say he has grown so much and so quickly, I sometimes forget that he is still, just a puppy.  The breed first came to our attention when watching "Game of Thrones"  The boys just fell in love with these wolf like creatures, who have the softest nature. 

Game of Thrones - Season 2 - New Trailer - YouTube 

Personally scared of large dogs, it has taken me a while to adjust to the size of Logan, but with his adorable nature, it is really not too difficult. 

This is Logan with his mummy.. sweeeet

First meeting, about 4 weeks old
.... so tiny 

But after lots of sleeping ..

On lots of people... 

Who were all, very willing ...

Combined with lots of food... 
This is the "I'm hungry" pose

and plenty of mischief and fun

Here he is now six months old, with still 
room to grow... 

I filmed his first meeting with the other dogs, it was a rather nervous moment, as you never know how things are going to work out, but they were wonderful .. so were the birds as you will see.


  1. What gorgeous dogs. That first photo is stunning, almost unreal. You're looking beautiful. x

  2. His ears are so expressive!

  3. Ahh Ruth what a handsome chap Logan is and a lovely addition to your menagerie, I have always had a soft spot for dogs who resemble wolves. The video is fabulous and touching I especially love the peacock and chicks looking on in the background, I just could not do that with Crusoe, he would be intent on chasing them!

  4. I love big dogs! you have a very handsome dog. I hope we had Northern Inuit dogs here in the Philippines.

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