Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Arrives In Wales

The daffodils I planted two years ago

Today the sun was shining and the temperature at the coast actually rose to 15 degrees.  So it would seem that spring is arriving here in Wales, with some speed.  Apart from a couple of poems my writing has taken back seat to everything again, who ever said children get easier as they get older?  Personally, I find that they need me more now, than when they were little.

I have however  been out and about with my camera I, thought I would share some of my images.

The photographer

Smells of spring





Harlech Castle

Portmerion the Italian style village, 
where the TV series "The Prisoner" was filmed.

A prop from the film "Inn of the sixth happiness" 
also in Portmerion



Harlech castle

Oh yes, I also enjoyed a day in London,  
This is Liberty's taken from Regent Street 

The Plas, Nantglyn 

My river

See if you can spot the Guinea Fowl guard dog's behind the little fir tree 

My handsome cock's

Home Sweet Home

One of the new rooms in The Annex

My golden boy as loving and faithful as ever

Oh.. and last but not least, meet Logan
my new baby, still only six months old.......... 
Yet, already he can place his paws on my shoulders


  1. Welcome back my friend!!! You and your wonderful posts have been missed. Your photos are brilliant! This weather is certainly a little crazy, it's been unseasonable warm here and no one can believe that it's been summer like temps in March!!

    Your new furbaby is adorable!!

    Thank you for visiting and your sweet words.. things on this side of the pond are good. Wishing you a fabulous week and hoping it will not be so long before your next great post!! xo Hugs, HHL

  2. The weather here is just as crazy. In fact, I saw a picture in the paper this morning where people were snow skiing in their bathing suits! Glad to see you back.

    Yes, children are children no matter how old they are and always need you at their beck and call! *sigh*

  3. Oh! (I hit enter to quickly!) LOVE the photos. Truly beautiful scenery you have around you!

  4. what a beautiful home...and country...that you live in...spring looks wonderful there...a little stormy.... makes great atmosphere.....wonderful photos!

  5. so happy to see you here again. You have definitely been missed. I do adore all your animals & fowl. I'm sure I would have given all the hens & chicks names by now. Your photography is splendid, though I don't know if it's your special effects or it's the actual light where you are. Just beautiful. Spring has definitely arrived in Texas, our wildflowers are blooming all over the hill country, where I am right now. Sending love, sweetie...

  6. Thank you all .. yes its pretty here but I have also edited the photos with different apps.. all iPhone magic.. but fun to do .. Glad your all well xx Lovely to be posting xx