Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Just Five Minutes Peace


Do you ever find it difficult to be alone.. ?
Not loneliness, I mean finding time to be alone.

I used to spend a lot of time by myself, I would potter and clean my house, walk the dogs, prepare food along with all the other usual daily activities. 
Obviously I don't go out to work.

Since my husband retired we are together 24 hours a day, plus we have been renovating the property, so somedays we could have had as many as ten builders here.

Alone time, is something of a rarity and something I miss.

This was the time when I would think, meditate about life and which direction I was taking.  I used to take joy in my daily walks, watching the hedgerows and gardens alter with the seasons.  I would think about crazy times in my past, remember old friends, wonder where they are now. Ponder about current friends and their lives, friends often confide in me and in those days, I seemed to have more time to give them.  I do have the occasional day in London, but usually that is to feed my city soul.

Note to self, make time for me
... Just to be

School holiday's are even more full on, I sometimes think that teenagers are more needy than toddlers.  They spend most of their time with their friends online, or gaming.  Yet, when hunger strikes, they meander downstairs like hungry baby birds needing your attention .. and immediately.

I have learned that this is not a great time for "alone time" .. 
I have decided that it is better to embrace this time and enjoy these young fledging's as soon they will be flying solo and go... 

So for now, my alone time must be spent in the bath.


  1. I can't even take a sh*t without being disturbed.
    "hey dad, what are you doing in there?"
    I'm digging a hole to Australia so I don't have to fly there."
    "Oh, OK, just checking."

  2. Me too..... the bath has always been my alone time......with magazines, wine, tea, breakfast, chocolate...............!!

  3. Oh yes ...construction workers, renos ...can leave no place to hide and just be. love bath time... wishing you a wonderful day! xo HHL

  4. Ahhhh, bath time! Truly the only "alone" time around here too!