Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Word Intoxication" by Ruth Johnston First Review

The book is here, the printed copy and I have to admit I am delighted with the result.  Personally I prefer the soft cover version, it is easier to handle and the finish is much classier.  
The hardback in my honest opinion, is a little too shiny, so not worth the extra cash. 

I would love to share with you my first review, written by someone who’s work I greatly admire.  The wonderful poet and author Wayne Tolbert.  Please take a look at his work, you will understand how humbling his words are for me. http://www.chubbypenny.com

Review of Word Intoxication by Wayne Tolbert 

"From the beginning, Ruth Johnston catches the reader pleasantly off guard with her cutting edge poem First Blood and immediately shifts gears with the emotional words dedicated to her father in "The Man in the Moon", a touching tribute to her late father.  The heart of this little girl is revealed with her words:

Even in death you showed me, 

there’s nothing to fear.”

…while the soul of the woman is exposed in "High Heels":

“I love to wear high heels 

I am addicted to them.”

 In "Today", Ruth says, “Today I want to be twenty-three” and sometimes in this wonderful book, she is. 

 …and again she shifts and honestly reminds us of how we all feel from time to time in Invisible Indeed:

I am invisible 

Camouflaged in the corner” 

 The photography is all Ruth and her creative juices flow with the shot of her dogs positioned so their legs form the shape of a heart and the nature shots (is Absolut Citron natural?) are exquisite, sometimes golden with reflection and other times white with the silence of snow. 

Ruth’s book, Word Intoxication, is one I am proud to own…and you will 
be too!"

My own coffee table book

I am overwhelmed that so many of you, want to buy my book.
I previously posted that I can offer you a better price using my author discount.  What I had  taken into account was postage, within the UK P&P is £2, international orders obviously will be more expensive.  

I have spoken to the publisher this morning and the book is available now on line direct from them and should be available through Amazon within the next few weeks.  As it is a print on demand service please allow ten days for delivery.

I am still ordering a number of books for friends Monday. 
Please let me know if you still wish me to buy one for you.  
If you would prefer to order through Xlibris or Amazon, the links to the Xlibris sites (UK and USA) are below and I will add Amazon as soon becomes available.

Thank you again for your support 
Love Ruth xx

There are now a few more reviews showing on the .com website (second link below) click on customer reviews, if you would like to read them.  Once again a huge thank you for taking the time.


  1. how truly brilliant....well done..... this is so exciting!!

  2. Hi Ruth

    I would love to get a signed copy and mailed to Australia :)
    Can you let me know how much that will be and I can arrange payment xxxxx

    1. Thank you Renia, that is wonderful I will find out and let you know xx

  3. That is one great review, and I think the photo of you holding up your book is one of my favourites. xx

    1. Fabulous isn't it, I was delighted and thank you Wally too kind xx

  4. I have tears in my eyes reading his review of your work, I feel so proud of you and what you have achieved. As for 23, me and you both love, me and you both......

  5. Hey Ruth,
    What a beautiful feeling, holding that book, your book, your very own, in your hands...I'd like to buy a copy, oh, but signed too!
    Overwhelmed? And well deserved: you write beautifully.
    Thank you
    Love&Inspiration, Vee X

    1. I will get you one Vee thank you for all your supportive words too. xx

    You have just been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    Check out my post “One Lovely Blog Award” for details on what to do next.

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I am honoured and will enjoy doing this xx

  7. I wish I could write poetry like you. Haven't felt inspired for over 10 years. Being a raving heroin junkie just MIGHT have had some bearing on this... I tried writing verse when I had a bipolar manic episode last year (y'know, they say manic-depression makes you creative and all that...) but I was so psychotic and out of it I had to compose myself before I could attempt to compose any poem, ha ha.

    Do you mind my asking: you say you Came to the UK, but what country were you from originally?

    1. Hi Gledwood
      First may I say thank you both for taking the time to comment and for liking my poetry. I am also psychotic at times, that is when the creative juices flow fastest, its either that or murder is in my heart :)

      The reason I write in English is because I am originally from Liverpool, I think that you are confusing me with Helena Halme the lovely Finnish author I interviewed in my last post.

      Although I did spend most of my youth living in Spain in between Marbella and Tenerife. Where the only drug I didn't try was Heroin.. although I did enjoy my morphine drip after both C sections, I think for me it was just something that never appealed. Probably as I prefer to feel in control.. even though most of the time I am far from it
      Love Ruth xx

  8. Ignore that question. You see what being a manic-depressive junkie does to you? Gives you the attention-span of a fruit-fly.

    So you were born in Finland. How come you manage to write English with no "accent" whatsoever? I did German and French at school. My German is so bad someone once asked whether I was using Google Translate to write my old German blog posts (!!)

    My ex best friend did Finnish for one term at university, purely because he fancied a girl in the class. He said it was fiendishly difficult. I once got a Finnish Linguaphone out of the library just for the heck of it. All I remember was that pikkutyttö meant "little girl"...

  9. Hey Ruth,
    I THINK I got rid of the captcha code thing for my comments section, but Gledwood says he can't post comments on my blog. Strange. Thanks for the advice. I presume it worked and no tinned pig entrails as yet.
    Hope you're well my dear. I am sitting down to write your review now. I won't be Finish:ed til it's decent. I couldn't resist making a joke on "came across" on the one I wrote for Shane. Terribly corny but I love carry on films so blame Sid James. So I'll try to write you a cringe-free one hee hee X

    Hey Gledwood,
    Being a raging heroin junkie is no excuse medear hahahahaha, it never stopped me (unless you count the time wasted waiting for lying dealers: "10 minutes"=2 hours and the rest): and look at the amount of writing you do on your blogs alone. Get poetic: you might just be pleased with the result :)
    I wrote so many poems/stories/etc when I was very much raging. But you know what? I too write best with serious insomnia...you know the type that lasts for days? I reach this point after a few days of total no-sleep where words just flow out of me randomly and are always the best and most poetic in my opinion.

    Love&Inspiration melovelies
    Vee X

    1. LOL.. love the banter you two.. and I loved Sid James too :) Vee just grateful for any feedback and help, have had a bit of an "off' week. will be back on track next week for sure .. my books should arrive too .. very exiting xx

    2. Hey Ruth,
      Aww, I hope you feel better soon. How exciting when that package arrives huh?
      Vee X

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