Monday, 2 February 2015

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Me wearing one coat, for a more natural appearance

There is no denying that I am a cosmetics junkie, I fell in love with makeup at a very early age.  One of my favourite pastimes as a little girl, was to lie on the bed and watch my mother transform herself.  Not only in the way she appeared, but a very noticeable change took place in the way she behaved afterwards, her smile was more radiant and her mood lighter. I now understand this as confidence.

I have worked in the cosmetics industry for many years, selling both in makeup and hair products and without exception, everybody is looking for a miracle product that will either alter or enhance us.  For many girls the Holy Grail is the perfect foundation, to achieve the appearance of flawless skin. Personally being of fair complexion with freckles I gave up this quest long ago, as foundation would often make me appear mask like.  I discovered that I looked far better with a more natural look, so I opted for a good tinted moisturiser,  I love the Bobbie Brown tinted balm which has a rich texture, perfect for a slightly more mature skin and contains a sunscreen.

Eyes are what I love to focus on, I am fascinated by eyes, you can change your whole image just by altering the way you apply your eye make up.  So my Holy Grail is the perfect mascara. Over the years I have tried, tested and spent a fortune over the cosmetic counters, just looking for the one that would make my lashes appear fuller and longer, without the problem of clogging or flaking. I hate it when you apply your mascara in the morning and by late afternoon its has all but flaked off. From Chanel to Maybelline I have tried them all, Charlotte Tilbury was the front runner for a long time but inevitably flaked, the plus for this brand was that you could reapply over and over and it did not clog.

Model Wearing two coats of 3D Fibre Lashes

Recently I was introduced to Younique's 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara, which I have to say is definitely the best mascara I have ever used.
At first I was sceptical, I have extremely sensitive eyes making it usually impossible to entertain any mascara containing fibre's.  Younique products however are totally natural, the fibres are made of green tea leaves and I have been using it now everyday for just over three weeks and have experienced zero sensitivity.  I did initially however have issues with the fibres shedding, I now realise this was due to my application rather than a defect in the product.  It is imperative that you coat all the lashes using the transplanting gel, as the fibres are dry and need something to stick to.
I had originally applied over mascara which is an option, but now I prefer to use without as I can see exactly where I have applied the gel.  I am also blessed with reasonable lashes, so this is sufficient for me.  If you have shorter or finer lashes you may want to use a light coat of your usual mascara first.

The best method for me has been demonstrated in this short video, I always have my fibre tube open and ready, so that I can apply immediately after the transplanting gel and before it has time to dry.
This is why it is better to make up one eye at a time.
I also am not the neatest at applying mascara so I have a Q Tip at the ready to swipe away any loose fibres that may have escaped during application.  Once on however, this mascara is there until you remove it.  Which can be done by using any usual eye makeup remover quite easily, in fact I have found it easier to remover than some of the normal mascaras I have used in the past.

Priced at £23 it is amongst the more expensive ranges, but its packaging exceeds all brands.  Presented in a strong quilted box, of similar style and quality to spectacle case.
I can honestly say I love this product, for me I feel I have found my Holy Grail.
If you should wish to try Youniques amazing mascara for yourself just click on the link below.